Is It fine to do several Internships while studying at university?

Do the amount of college internships influence my career? The questions are many but the matter is the same- Is it is a promising idea to do numerous internships during graduation?

The answer to this is both ‘Yes’ and ‘No.

How’s that possible?

It relies on various aspects and circumstances to resolve with the thought of whether you are taking the right way about your internship idea or not. Let’s distinguish the facets to understand them more simply.

Many internships are a good idea, if:

You have a plotted academic calendar

Performing multiple internships during college needs reasonable planning to manage time efficiently. If you are opting for part-time and distance internships along with normal seasonal internships, it can assist you gain enough experience without taking too much strain and pressure to maneuver between your college and office.

You are analyzing career opportunities through internships

Internships are more than just filling up your holidays with mandatory job roles. Contemplate your internships as bright opportunities to explore career intentions while you are still in college. It will help you commence at the right place once you start looking for jobs. If you are doing it this way, you are on the right track and it’s completely a great idea to do multiple internships!

It is enabling you build a network

Many, or let’s say maximum, careers require networking as one of the pillars. If you have a good network, you can get promising jobs, referrals, experiences, etc. So, if you are able to build an enormous network and associates through internships, it can never be an awful idea to do multiple internships.

Multiple internships are not a good idea, if:

You are maintaining your academics at risk

Not organizing it properly, can direct to a loss-loss situation on both sides. Neither will you be able to concentrate on your internships, nor your studies. So, if you are doing multiple internships by maintaining your academics at risk, it probably isn’t a very decent idea to proceed doing so.

You aren’t doing important internships

If you are putting in a list of internships to your resume but still aren’t actually understanding and or gaining motivation anything, it abolishes the objective of the internships. Doing one or two internships in the entire year is also fine given that it should add to your logical knowledge of the topic and make you more capable for the job market. If it isn’t doing so, it isn’t worth it.

It’s unimportant to your career

Doing hobby internships can be a gust of fresh air and can actually work in your endorsement but totally relying on insignificant internship choices isn’t going to help. If your internships align with your course of study and career choices, it’s all well, but if it isn’t you need to make amendments.


There is no special internship handbook that functions for all. Your college internships are implied to add worth to your candidature for prospective jobs and act as a groundwork for your career. The idea of numerous internships and their ability to shape your career hence relies on your individual undertakings and judgments along with your responsibility of time and endeavor!



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