Online Education: The Major Educational Reform

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has left none affected by this storm-sized disruptive intentions. It did not value human borders and irrespective of the people displayed its brutality. It’s unusual to believe that hardly, it took around three months to provoke the world into a stalemate condition, proving how discreetly attached we are as a mere earthling. As influenced by the outbreak of COVID-19, China planned on closing schools and major institutions nationwide to stave off the stretch of the virus. The pandemic directed to the evaluation of distance education or education utilizing digital technology on an exceptional scale. Following China's strategy, many other countries severely affected by the Covid-19 we’re compelled to shut down doors of educational institutions.

At the liftoff of India’s 2020-21 budget, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had accentuated the new academic or educational system which the administration is nowadays working on. A blueprint of the strategy sketches the significant position of online learning in being the bridge to form a reforming India’s education system and enhancing the entrance to higher education in inaccessible regions. Moreover, the policy facilitates Indian academic institutions not only to improve their online educational proposals but also to comprehend and honor prestige for online programs proposed by foreign institutions too.

As we discussed, everything occurred in a few months when we were little acknowledged and prepared for self-quarantine and social distancing. Covid-19 has urged educational institutions to postpone classroom teaching and alter the system of teaching to the online mode in order to resume the education process without much delay.

Turmoil or Revolution brought by the Internet

The Internet has brought a revolution across various realms straight from the means we order food, book a cab, or for that circumstance in our education. Educators have been utilizing technology in the physical classrooms to make the learning process more intriguing for the students, whereas, students have been manipulating the internet chiefly to perform more in-depth exploration on the topics of their concern.

Online learning is a very convenient mode for students, provided they have good bandwidth. However, similar to classroom education, it requires self-discipline, time management skills, determination and a strong motivation. And, making the best use of online education is the key.

Prioritizing online classes

As online classes have turned to become the new normal for today’s kids and making a unique position of itself in the structure of learning, there are likelihoods that the students might not take it in a serious way as they do not have teachers to scrutinize them before. Therefore, it is recommended for students to not take their online classes lightly and attend with full concentration and sincerity. It’s not like that you will be understanding all the topics, it’s agreeable. But, in this case, one shouldn’t be hesitant to, ask and clear that topic then itself.

Though COVID-19 has had an overwhelming consequence on ordinary scholastic improvement, academic institutes may take this unpredictable opening to observe shortcomings and speed up reform of online education through creative lesson content, state-of-the-art technology, and productive administration. We have to whirl this crisis into a circumstance to expand worldwide affiliation and share bits of knowledge, understandings, and reserves to construct an international online teaching web.

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