The need for holistic development of an Individual

When it comes to the overall development of an individual, Education is not only the factor that is looked upon, there are various other aspects that drive an individual capable of being a part of the society and working for the same, and this medium is done through the holistic development of an Individual from the very initial stages. There is no doubt and debate raised that education does not play a vital role in a child’s development, but obviously at the end of the day, the role of education has a limit to it when it comes to overall development.

Every individual in the world is created uniquely so as their interest or preference, personality, pros, and cons, etc. Education is one factor that acts as a medium to reach out to an individual’s interest and achieve the goal but on the other hand, the Holistic development of an individual is a pathway to tackle complex life situations and is vital in the professional field works.

The reason why Holistic education and skills should be inculcated in an individual from the very initial stages is due to the current shift in preference of skills over the qualification of an individual, which is mostly preferred by the bigger companies. There might be different facets that an individual has to go through and holistic education is the medium to tackle the problems like a pro! To meet day-to-day challenges and needs, Holistic development is an overall development of an individual in the areas pertaining to Intellectual, Mental, Physical, Emotional, and social skills. The most common skills which come under this aforementioned are logical thinking, creative skills, language skills, imaginative skills, self-awareness, etc.

How can one inculcate and enhance holistic development:



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