Ways to pave a path for a positive attitude

3 min readNov 5, 2021

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% is how you react to it!!”

— — — -By Charles R. Swindoll

Failures are a part of life and the way you carry out them matters the most. The successful people you see out there, have stood in the same position once, they fought against it, tackled it, overcame it, and finally overpowered it and that is one of the reasons why they are one of the ideals for many. We are judged based on our character and that is what makes our identity. A positive attitude is a powerful weapon that gives you the motivation to work harder until and unless you see the ray of hope of getting successful. It’s an obvious fact that people love or prefer to stay with those who are positive-minded rather than a person with negative thoughts and spreading negative vibes! Everyone is hesitant to work with a person who prefers a negative attitude over positive thinking while working in a team. People like to hang out with someone who gives an environment of positivity. It majorly works to carve out the optimistic thoughts of a person. And moreover keeping up a positive attitude has a huge impact on an individual’s goals and his/her diverse needs. It even drives how one’s social, long-term needs, physical fitness and health conditions, and most importantly, professional life should be.

If one carries out a positive attitude, there are more chances of getting success and on the other hand, bringing or keeping up a negative attitude makes the person fail in that particular task/work before it actually begins because they probably say, “This task is nearly impossible, so it’s better to not work for it”! Our mindset is what makes us work accordingly, so keeping a positive mind can help us to reach the height we desire for!

How can one inculcate a positive attitude in themselves:

  1. Have faith in yourself and believe that you can definitely ace it:

This is one of the important factors that can pave a path for your success door. If you think that you are worth it for accomplishing this task/work, then you will definitely ace it. When people motivate you to do some work, it’s true that the chances of accomplishing it are increased by 30% or 40% but when you have faith and motivate yourself, it’s 110% sure that you will ace whichever work you do.

2. Try to implement the divine act of Gratitude within you:

Rather than cursing and complaining about your fate, be thankful for what you have because what you have now maybe it would be a dream for many!

3. Be kind to people and stay with them during their worst situations and if possible always try to provide them with some sort of alternatives or solutions!

4. Try to build up self-confidence which is helpful in beating up mental pressure at times!

5. Plan in advance and make a schedule that keeps you organized.




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